Swiss pine wood production

High-quality products through professional work processes

In order to treat this special material best, a careful and slow processing of the wood, which is cut during the decreasing moon in October and November, is essential.

This is the route of the raw material:

  • sawmill
  • air-drying process
  • Kiln drying
  • Processing (planed, glued, sanded)

Healthy pine wood features a high content of pinosylvin. The concentration of this ethereal oil, which is also responsible for the characteristic smell of the wood, depends on the growth height of the tree in the mountains, since the tree requires this oil to be protected from the cold. To preserve this active agent, the processing method has to be slow and occur in careful steps. The drying process is thereby very important. Freshly cut pine wood has to be air-dried for at least 6 months before it can be transported to a kiln for gentle drying.



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